STEAM Project in San Diego

Science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker (STEAM) programs for preschool through 8th grade

K-8 Online Tutoring


Whether your child is in elementary school or middle school, Gizmos & Gadgets Kids Lab provides the academic tools that lead to success.

We have experienced and friendly tutors for all subjects and grade levels. Our team of tutors is made up of talented individuals who have a few things in common: they’re friendly, motivated and good at what they do. We take great care to make sure we have tutors who not only possess great subject matter knowledge but also who are skilled at communicating in ways that resonate with students.

Subjects & Grades

We offer tutoring for Grades K through 8 and every instructor offers personalized assistance designed to move students towards their goals. Our personal instructors cover all the subjects students learn, from elementary grades all the way through middle school.

Math                 Reading              Homework Help

We know you just want your kid (or yourself) to achieve goals without having to go through tons of hoops to get there. That’s why we provide personalized tutoring for all subjects and grade levels, for students in the convenience of their homes and all online.

How does online instruction work?

Online instruction is the same instruction students receive in a learning center, delivered via video conferencing hosted by Gizmos & Gadgets instructors who will work with you or your student online. Our instructors are trained to engage students in a virtual learning environment. 


$15 for 30 min 1:1 tutoring

$25 for 1 hr 1:1 tutoring

Group tutoring also available rates starting at $10 for 30 min