STEAM Project in San Diego

Science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker (STEAM) programs for preschool through 8th grade

Middle Grades 6-8: After School Program

Building Confident & Innovative Kids ready for the future


Gizmos & Gadgets provides a curriculum that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) through the use of project-based learning.  Through our innovative curriculum students learn through hands-on scientific inquiry, directing them to deeper levels of understanding. These actions have helped students by improving their critical thinking and problem solving skills and increasing their overall enthusiasm for school. Students use prior knowledge and technology to solve real world problems. The goal is to produce successful self-directed learners who are equipped to excel in the global market.

Targeting students early gives them a stronger scientific foundation and a head start in building a scientific career and prepare them for the 21st Century to be creative, innovative entrepreneurs!

Engineering/Science Workshops – Grades 6-8

elementary-buildingStudents will discover the engineering design process as well as the scientific method, learn how to safely use a wide variety of tools, explore how things work, and of course – make really cool stuff!

Discover the fun and physics of making things fly with catapults and rockets, design a speedboat that is jet propelled, build circuits to light up clothing for cyborgs, jewelry as well as art installations, create power with magnets, fruit, solar energy, that’s just a few of the hands-on projects students cover throughout the workshop.

You’ll be amazed at how excited and innovative students are when they are allowed to build, experiment, and test their own ideas.

Minecraft Modding & Computer Game Java Programming – Grades 6-8

Sat classes available

kids-computerStudents will learn about project design, object-oriented programming, console applications, graphics applications and many elements of the Java language. Along the way students will use what they learn to create their first simple game in Java. No programming experience is necessary but doing common tasks on a computer is useful. Who knows, maybe you have the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs living in your house and you never knew it!

Once students have the basics of java programming down they can use their newfound knowledge by expanding into the world of Minecraft Modding!

Explore the Minecraft world from the inside out by creating a custom mod. Students will love being able to bring to life the Minecraft world they’ve been dreaming about. They will create their own swords, blocks, mobs and more.

Innovative Arts – Grades 6-8


In these “off the canvas” classes we bring art to life by taking a step beyond just painting on canvas! Come along and explore groundbreaking, quirky artists and discover that art is so much more than just paint. This class is where science and engineering collide with art. Discover the world of kinetic art (art that moves using pulley systems), architecture, and light up art using circuits and lemon juice – just to scratch the surface! This program leads you on an adventure and explosions of fun as students get to let their inner artist run free.

This class is about exploring the engineering process and integrating a deeper knowledge of science into the arts. This class just isn’t for girls. Boys are highly encouraged to discover the world of science and engineering and how it all relates to art and creativity.

Gizmos Girls Club – Grades 6-8

ElementarySched6Gizmos Girls’ Club is specifically designed to empower girls and build confidence in their abilities. Girls  can innovate and create and be themselves in a positive all-girls environment and really embrace the fun of  STEAM! Our girls can do it all from building a giant trebuchets or slingshots to designing, programming their own computer app to even learning important entrepreneurial skills by inventing and creating their own business. Our Girl’s Club in the past have created real derby cars, adirondack chairs and skateboards from scratch. This class is a meaningful selection from the best of our science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker with the addition of some special projects just for girls that will allow them to develop  the knowledge, tool skills, self-confidence and know-how to tackle everything in life.

STEAM Gadgeteers – Grades 6-8
Sat classes available

kids-science-learningFinding it hard to decide? Start with our STEAM Mash-up classes where students get the best of all the STEAM worlds! This class has all the building, testing, exploding and  messy fun of all our classes combined – science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker. Each week this class will use the engineering process or scientific method to explore centrifugal and centripetal force with art, tension and angles with catapults, designing safety features with crash test cars (and hoping that your driver survives!) as well as chemistry, forensics and biology and what’s science without creating some explosions (because that’s just fun!). This class is designed to bring out the inner curiosity of all students.