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Science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker (STEAM) programs for preschool through 8th grade


We are very excited to begin our 2nd Session of our SCIENCE ENRICHMENT PROGRAM to all nine schools in the Encinitas Union School District. 




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Session 2 will be ALL NEW science experiments so if your child was in session 1 they will be learning all new and exciting things!

Our first session was very popular and had a waitlist in most schools. Register as soon as possible to reserve a spot for your child!

Week 1:
GLOW HOLIDAY ANIMALS -Taking from Alexander Calder’s wire art for inspiration students will learn the basics of how a simple circuit works and then they will create their own light up holiday animal or tree!

Week 2:
FOOD CIRCUITS – Students will learn that voltaic batteries of all shapes and sizes are objects that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. They will experiment by making their own food circuits that powers a LED light. Discover which foods are conductive – some will surprise you!

Week 3:
ROBOT SPIDER – This session is all about robots and circuits so why not combine those two things to make a robot spider that vibrates and jumps! Students will be able to create their own design of their spider and use motors and batteries to make it bounce around like a little jumping spider!

Week 4:
GLOW JAR- Students will learn about fluorescence and phosporescence and their differences. They will also explore the chemical reaction of a glow stick. Students will then create their own glow jar that can be used with a black light or “charge” by the sun to glow in the dark to create a firefly in a jar effect.

Week 5:
ART BOT – This week students will learn how to make a Scribblebot by learning the basics of a simple circuit and creating their very own robot that they will get to take home!

Week 6:
CODING ROBOTS – Students will use various robots that they will be able to code using block or text coding. They will code the robots to complete cool challenges that involves obstacle courses and even underwater robot challenges!

Week 7:
PROPELLOR PLANE OR CAR – Taking all our knowledge from this session students will create a more complex project that involves designing and creating their own propellor driven plane or car that they
will be able to take home.

For more information or to register online:
(619) 756-8346

For registration please click on the school that you would like to register for our after school program.

Capri Elementary  – 1 spot left

El Camino Creek Elementary

Flora Vista Elementary

La Costa Heights Elementary 

Mission Estancia Elementary

Ocean Knoll Elementary

Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary

Park Dale Lane Elementary

Paul Ecke Elementary