STEAM Project in San Diego

Science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker (STEAM) programs for preschool through 8th grade


We are very excited to begin our SCIENCE ENRICHMENT PROGRAM to all nine schools in the Encinitas Union School District. 

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Week 1:

BOUNCY BALLS Students will learn all about polymers and their molecular structure! What makes a polymer so fun is how they act depends on what kinds of molecules they are made up of and how they are put together. Students will create their own bouncy ball to take home!

Week 2:

MAGNETIC SLIME -Putting a twist on just normal slime, students will create magnetic slime. We will be able to test different strengths of magnets by making the slime “eat” the magnets that have high strength. This is seriously some gooey fun!

Week 3:

OHHHH & AHHHH DRY ICE EXPERIMENTS– Students will learn all about dry ice as well as safety rules. We will then conduct various experiments that will include balloons that inflate by themselves, bubbles that float in a tank and even rockets propelled by dry ice.

Week 4:

ELEPHANT TOOTHPASTEFoam is awesome! Students will make a foaming exploding mess! The foam is special because each tiny foam bubble is filled with oxygen. Students will learn that this experiment created an Exothermic Reaction, meaning that it just doesn’t create foam, but also a little heat (nothing dangerous!)

Week 5:

DNA EXTRACTIONStudents will observe first hand that DNA is in the food we eat. We will learn the simple method to extract DNA and why each step is necessary due to the complex organization of DNA in cells. Lots of mushing and squishing in this experiment!

Week 6:

PENDULUM ARTStudents will learn about a scientist who invented and engineered a way to paint cool art without using a paint brush or his hands! We will create our own pendulum and make our own paintings that are super cool!

Week 7:

PAINT ROCKETSIn this last week we will once again paint by exploding a paint rocket! We will learn all about how carbon dioxide creates pressure inside a film canister and when the pressure builds up it will propels the canister into the air which create an exploding, beautiful painting!

For registration please click on the school that you would like to register for our after school program.

Capri Elementary – Currently on waitlist

El Camino Creek Elementary

Flora Vista Elementary

La Costa Heights Elementary – Currently on waitlist

Mission Estancia Elementary

Ocean Knoll Elementary

Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary

Park Dale Lane Elementary

Paul Ecke Elementary– Currently on waitlist