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Science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker (STEAM) programs for preschool through 8th grade


Are you looking for some fun, engaging activities for your child to participate in over Summer, Thanksgiving and Spring breaks? We have an awesome selection of camps available for your children to participate. Fun, Innovative, Creative, Educational and Confidence Building. We have provided a description of some of our past camps below and to get specific information about upcoming camps, please click the appropriate link below:

Camp Descriptions:


MINECRAFT Modding 101 (Grade 3-5)

OUR MOST POPULAR CAMP!5407c3_e95220a1606047a3ba4ebb5c53f8bc51
If your child is Minecraft obsessed and dreams of making their own swords, blocks and mobs, and you as a parent want your child to learn the art of programming, then this is the camp for them. Kids will learn basic programming logic through activities both on and off the computer. They will learn how to edit and do simple programming in Java to create their own Minecraft Mod that they will be able to play, upload and share with others.

Please understand that while kids will get to play a little Minecraft (they have to test how their programming works in the game) this is definitely more a Minecraft programming class! Who doesn’t want to design their own creeper or super cool dragon. Your child’s design is only limited by their imagination!

Don’t worry, they won’t spend their whole time on the computer (although they’d like to!). We have lots of other fun minecrafty activities to keep their day active and balanced.

Java Game Programming: (Grades 4+)5407c3_d12d295cc308430799ce971333811fc2

Students will learn about project design, object-oriented programming, console applications, graphics applications and many elements of the Java language. Along the way, students will use what they learn to create their first simple game in Java. No programming experience is necessary but doing common tasks on a computer is useful.

Build Your Own Computer:IMG_20150730_134855

In this hands-on investigation, kids will learn how a computer works by building a simple Raspberry Pi computer. Once the building is done, the fun continues while kids create their own versions of simple games and code in Minecraft on the computer they just built. We will have plenty of time off the computer as well when kids have the chance to learn and test game design and programming through active play. Kids keeo their Rasberry Pi mini computer with all their projects on it as well as a better understanding of computers, programming logic and game design.

Exploding Science:5407c3_fcb1ac4969844b75bd453081ea5e0a82

There are some science experiments that kids just can’t get enough of – the ooey, gooey, exploding and fizzing kind is what we are talking about! There is plenty of ooohs, aaahs and iiiiicks in this camp where we will don our lab coats and use real scientific instruments and the scientific method to conduct fun and exciting experiments.

 Jr Lego Minecraft:IMG_20150710_155501

Jr engineers and Lego builders will love this camp by bringing Minecraft to life with lego! Build a motorized walking creeper, a terrifying Ghast or anything Minecrafty that your imaginations can think of! This project-based camp combines the basic format of our engineering themed programs based on the world of Minecraft. Students will use the Systems Engineering V to design, plan and explore real-world concepts in Physics, engineering and architecture while building their favorite Minecraft objects.

 Jr Lego Star Wars:

Junior engineers will learn all about and build basic engineering concepts such as motors, catapults, unitized construction, wheel/axles, levers, and more as they build Star Wars themed projects like X-Wings, R2-units, energy catapults, defense turrets, and space settlements. The Force is definitely strong with this camp!

Build, Test, Battle:

Each day kids will use the systems engineering design process to design, create and test amazing builds such as cars, air rockets and bridges. the fun gets bigger and wilder when the camp splits into teams to build ballistic projects like trebcuchets, catapults, marshmallow shooters and lay siege to the other team’s base in a friendly battle.

Build Your Own Adirondack Chair:IMG_0046_2

In this camp you will use the systems engineering process to plan, design, then build just the right size adirondack chair for you. During this process kids will not only be taught how to use tools safely but also develop their woodworking skills by using real tools and learning all about the designing process.

Build your own Skateboard:IMG_0259

This camp is awesome! Kids will design and build their own skateboards from scratch! They will build it entirely from the wheels and trucks and learn the parts and tools for fixing and adjusting. They will tour Sector 9 and see the process they use to build Sector 9 boards all in their real warehouse. They will also get to try out their skateboards so make sure you bring your helmut and pads!

Maker Camp:5407c3_f90df437e47a4f6eaa0bbf7f39e124c8

Direct from the experts at Make Magazine and facilitated by our own talented makers, this is a camp your kids are sure to love! Campers will get inspired and complete new maker projects each day. This eclectic camp includes projects such as simple animatronics, wind tunnels to make planes lift, flowing fountains with no electricity, LED throwies, bouncy balls, vibrobots, cork launchers and more.

Big Messy Art:5407c3_f074afdf6fb14c489bf08c9aa0a5e118

Oh YES! We said BIG and MESSY! Let your creative child feel free to immerse themselves from head to toe in those art projects you’d never dare do in your house. Pendulum painting, large scale paper mache sculptures, splat painting with food and household items, and giant spin art are a few examples of the fun in store for kids in this camp!

Go Wild Creations:5407c3_194f9cdc10c64b2ab07748a69ad5ccdb

Have a budding artisan at home that loves to create? Cool artesian skills meet modern day projects in this camp with beautiful results. No foam door hangers here, these are art projects you’ll want to keep. Kids will enjoy wood art using real tools, 3D canvas art, giant town tower installations, spray paint graffiti, pour paint method to emulate famous artists, bath bombs that explode and more! Let your child’s imagination flow!